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Product Description

Alemsan fiber optic splice trays are made of ABS, light in weight and is RoHS compliant. It is
mainly used for optical fiber storage and fiber optic fusion protection. Easy to operate and simple to install and uninstall. The fiber splice trays are stackable and can be mounted using two #6 screws; they can be used one on top of another to form a layer structure inside the fiber optic enclosures.

Usually fiber optic splice trays are used inside the fiber enclosures, optical fiber glass inside
the fiber tray can be melt with any other strand optical fiber in the tray, thus different fiber optic cables can be melt connected directly via the tray. Optical cable r can also be melted with the fiber optic pigtail end, and via pigtail it can be connected to other fiber optical equipment. The tray expands fiber splice capabilities as well as providing the splicing location for the fiber optic cables.

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Product Description

Alemsan fibre optic patch panels provides cable cross connection and interconnection between outside and inside equipments persent in the central offices. The panels are designed in a way allowing the user to healthy manage the fibre line and grow its organization .


- Applicable for 19'' montagging operations
- 1U 2U and 3U height options

- Rack Mount installation

- Can be used for ribbion and non ribbon fibres

-Provides efficient and fast installation operations
- Plastic Clips, insertion locking
- A welded bolt on the center For the splicing cassette fixation.
- Ral 9005 black and Ral 7035 grey color options.
- Clips connection forms are present on the bottom panel.
- Buffer tube – 1 unit is given inside.

- Professional splicing casette management system for splicing and cable storage.

- Telescopic Sliding rails option . Sliding drawer is given as standard.

- Fully loaded and non loaded options varieties

- Modular adaptor plates are available.

- SC , ST , FC , LC termination options validity.

- high capacity up to 72 ports depending on the type of the used termination

- Special handles can be submitted with the patch panel for the drawer ınternal access allowing less effort while opeing the internal frame








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Product Description

- FTTX Wall mount boxes are used ın the fıbre splicing and patching operations to essential connectivity equipments.

- Can be designed with single and double door options.

- Efficient locking mechanisim to ensure the safety for the fibre optical pigtails and inside related parts.

- ST , SC , LC , FC terminations options

- Fully equipped and non equipped delivery options

- Special buffer tubes located for fibre cable fixation ensuring cable balancing necessary for healthy internal operations

- High capacity 48 , 96 and 144 ports options

- Suitable area for fibre mangemet inside the optcal distribution box avoiding fibre breaking and enhanicing an affective connectivity pattern

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Product Description

- SOHO 19" wall mouinting cabinets provide an aesthetic, functional, decorative and economic solution for cabling

- This series is a range of wall mounted used in offices for horizantal segments where a reduced amount of U height is required.

- Again the aesthetics creating a pleasing and professional look. The SOHOline features a modular, sturdy and compact design, ideal installation for; Offices, Computer Aided Classes, Schools,Government Offices, Hotels, Branch Office

- Used for mounting hubs , switches , power distribution unit and patching accessories.

--Save time and cost reduction Heavy duty base plate. Punched holes for fixing any device or cable management 5U 19" device mounting capacity (2 vertical + 3 horizantal)

Prepunched fan holes Perpex front window in front door Heavy duty hinges
Slim depth only 140mm. Sturdy and strong steel construction Aesthetic view Load Carrying Capacity: 80 kg



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Product Description

- The metro ODF has been designed as a modular and compact ODF solution for customer connection / co- location applications where fibre security and high quality fibre manafement is required.

- The metro ODF comprises to sections splice housing and patch housing each with lockable doors on the front and removable lockable protection at the rear.

-The splicing housing has been designed to efficiently and securely manage ribbon or loose tube fibres between the mass fusion splice trays and the fibre presentation panel.

- The splice housing can manage up high capacity fibres.

- Easy to access
- Large cable opennings for multi-cable entry
-Fast installation and Low manpower

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Product Description

- Splicing cassette units are used for splicing and storage operation for ribbon and non ribbon fibres as well .

- Can provide high capacity fibre terminations for SC , LC , FC , ST terminations

- Ready to be mounted inside mechanical enclosures with realted appropriate dimensions.

- Easy access and cable management

- Easy installation and can be removed and fixed easily inside fibre optical frames and enclosures

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