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                                                                        Side Coolider


                                                 Side Coolider
        (for installation at the right or left side of the rack)

> The warmness will be conduct where it appears.
Easy installation.
> There is no intervention to the rack necessary.
> Constant spreading of the air flow.
> With an adaptor module compatible to any kind of rack.
> For safety reasons there is a leakage detection and a condensation.
water vat integrated.
> The unit works maintenance free. The high-performance fans can replaced during the operation.
> Optimum circulating of the air. In a closed circuit the cool air would conduct from the front of the servers where the air take the heat and flow to the back where the air exhausts.

> Supply of the medium from the top or from the bottom.
> Different heights from HE24 until HE47 available.
> Versions for higher thermals loads available.
> Versions with direct evaporation (cooling gas instead of water available.
> Supply of complete solutions include rack, fire  detection, firedrencher.
> uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS), KVM (keyboard, video mouse).
> switch available.


Integrated Control Temptronic
> Performance control on demand from 0 up to 100%.
> In the branch of cooling and refrigeration established.
> Monitoring of cooling via RJ45 connecting with IP address.
> Integrated in central building control systems via LON.
> Modbus or BACnet possible.



  • Liquid Cooling Systems

Direct Rack-Cooling By Alemsan Increasing Thermal Loads In Data Processing Centres

               Status quo in the branch of data processing centres is to cool with climatic cabinets. The climatic cabinets use a double bottom to feed cool air to the racks which should Be cooled. With this mature technology it is possible to conduct a thermal load of 6 kW per rack. It is easy to create a redundancy of N+1.
                If there are entire equipped racks with blade servers or small flat cases it can be a significant higher thermal load. Additional there could result partial “hot spots” because of not using the double bottom optimum. Further applications for using direct rack cooling are rooms for servers without double bottom and server extensions.


























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Liquid Cooling Systems And Distribution
Water chillers for placing inside ( movable solution).
Water chillers for placing inside.
Different power levels.
Redundant possible.
Bigger power levels with possibility for free cooling with ambient air
Liquid distribution stations.
For controlling cold water supply temperature and return temperature to avoid condensing water
Connection to existing water chiller systems to the distributionstations/ to the detailed rack cooling.